Club Racking Systems

Club Grip Racks

Throw away your bulky and old fashioned manufacturer's fitting cart.  These inovative club grip racks are designed to minimise the space required to display the increasing number of golf club shafts required for an advanced club fitting.  Each 1.2m rack projects no more than 135mm from the wall and can hold up to 90 shafts in a single rack.  Made from sturdy 10mm plastic and laser cut to our design they are a great way to show off your range of shafts, while still providing easy access a tidy appearance to your fitting centre.

Club Head Racks

An add on to the shaft racks, the club head racks come in three sizes.  Driver, Hybrid & Irons.  Once again designed to minimise space and oprimise display, the racks stand no more than 100mm from the wall and can hold up to 15 heads per rack.  Made from clear acrylic so that the club head can be easily displayed